Garmin G7 vs Garmin G8


Both Garmin G7 vs Garmin G8 are used for golfing. Using the beginning from the GPS technologies golf gps reviews for you, it had been merely an issue of your time prior to a few revolutionary businesses created a method to make use of this about the golf program. Nicely people who period is right now: a number of manufacturers possess thrown their own golf GPS choices to the diamond ring and something particularly offers surfaced like an innovator, a minimum of for me. The Garmin G8 is the sleek as well as easy design. This is an immediate rival using the Sky Caddie, however, I’ll inform you the reason why this is much better. [Read more…]


Best tips ever about how to use your balance bike


As a new trend in the bicycle industry, balance bikes are hotter and hotter with a very new concept of how to learn to balance a bicycle without pedals like the traditional versions. Unlike the old one, when riding it, it is much harder to control the speed as well as the balance of the vehicle, with this balance bike, the children will begin how to spin, glide and control the vehicle on their own feet. However, there are many kinds of balance bikes to fit a wide range of age as well as particular demands. Thus, owning the best balance bike is not enough; you also need to know how to use it as well. [Read more…]


The best fishing skis in the south of the Africa

Fishing is one of the most attractive outdoor activities which appeal a huge number of people to take part in every year. People have a tendency to go fishing whenever they feel tired and they need the motivation to continue their work. Fishing can create a favorable condition for the fisherman to reduce stress as well as re-energize for the next working days. Due to the importance of the fishing, the manufacturers have produced more and more equipment which can adapt people’s requirement. We can take the kayak fishing as a great illustration which is also called the fishing ski. These people usually feel confused whenever they want to find out the best fishing kayak


For many people in all countries around the world, the definition of the kayak fishing is not a strange thing for them. They know exactly what the fishing kayak is. However, in the South Africa, people don’t know much about this modern equipment and they don’t understand how they can purchase this tool to serve their purpose. [Read more…]


The great experience of the fishing kayak

Fishing is always the most attractive activity which is not only an interesting entertainment but also an exercise. People usually have a tendency to go fishing in their free time to reduce stress as well as relax after the overload of working a studying. After having a great fishing trip, people feel refreshed, recharged and re-energized. Furthermore, fishing is also a good chance to help them be closer to nature and have some rewards with a lot of different fishes. They usually take the advantage of the best river fishing kayak whenever they go fishing to enhance their inspiration.


People may go fishing alone or with their friends. If they go alone, they can have more time for themselves to think about their plan and tasks. On the other hands, they can chat with other people to share with them about the happiness or even the sadness. It is frank to say that in some situations, fishing also is a challenge which asks people to be skillful, and patient. If you make a decision of going fishing, you should remember that when you go fishing, you may have to deal with a huge number of the difficulties that you need to find out the best solution. [Read more…]


The kayak trolling motor


If you own the kayak fishing, you may not feel strange with the concept of the trolling motor which is set up in the kayak to help it move on the surface of the water quietly and smoothly. The trolling motor is operated with the support of the electronic power which can make a great contribution to help the kayaker to keep focusing on the works on fishing and don’t need to worry about the direction of the boat and the sound. To meet the basic requirements of the user, the manufacturers have produced more and more trolling motor for the kayak fishing. Due to the popularity of this equipment, people don’t know how to buy the proper one. Today, we will guide you to buy the kayak trolling motor. [Read more…]


Navigating the Fairways

The cry of “fore” is beginning to fade from fairways as GPS technology chips its way out of the fringe and into the financial figuring of the PGA, and a handful of high-end golf courses.

ZI-0BPW-2001-AUG00-HAYSTACK-21-1Those beleaguered by slice or hook will have to wait to be able to track their ball through birch and brush, but cart-mounted and course-customized GPS units are increasing the flow-of-play and giving golfers an edge by providing distances to bunkers, greens and pins.

“The people that play here love it,” said Tony Blasius, head pro at the Meadows, a par-71 resort golf course in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains in Sun River, Oregon. “They are able to get the yardages very quickly, and know where the hole is located. To know yardages to the bunker is very helpful.”

The Meadows installed GPS receivers in its 80 cart fleet last year as an “enhancement factor” for guests, but they also have proven themselves a valuable course-management tool, Blasius said.

“As far as the course management side, it’s huge, it is absolutely huge,” he said. “Efficiency is the main reason. We can tell by the monitor in our golf shop when to start sending people home because we have no more carts on the golf course. Usually you’d have to drive around to where they are.”

Course managers can also control speed and flow-of-play.

“As soon as they pass the forwardmost tee marker they’re being timed,” Blasius said. “And it gives you the length of time they’re out there, and where they should be.”

Managers can send messages to hurry individual idlers, warn of approaching bad weather, or steer carts clear of tender turf.

GPS golf-package prices vary depending on the application options, and whether the system is leased or purchased. The Meadows, a course with a six-month season, just wanted to try GPS, so they signed a one-year lease with ParView, which costs just under $30,000. Typically, ParView leases 80-cart fleets for five years at a cost of $300,000. The first year of service is included in the cost, but each year after service costs $550 a month.

Each cart at the Meadows was outfitted with a 10.4–inch color video display unit with a built-in GPS receiver. The display has five buttons, one of which allows golfers to select from a menu of options that includes 911 emergency, lost club, found club and send help. The other buttons show golfers their electronic scorecard, position on the course, distances from the tee and to the pin, and a food and drink menu.

“We felt ParView had all the bells and whistles,” Blasius said. “They always propose advertising to us if we want it to help pay for the system, and they are really in tune with getting all the glitches taken care of in an expedient manner.

Every night, the systems on the carts download diagnostic information via a spread-spectrum radio system. In the morning, a ParView technician dials in and does a complete evaluation, which includes checking the charges of the carts’ batteries.

Despite its successes, Blasius said GPS on the golf course is still more a novelty than a necessity. The Meadows will collect feedback from golfers throughout this season before deciding whether GPS re-ceivers should be a permanent fixture on its fairways.


“It’s not cheap,” Blasius said.” But I think it’s a great tool.”

The PGA and GPS

In professional golf tournaments, where GPS assistance for players is not allowed, the PGA has tasked the technology in other ways.

Both the PGA Tour and Senior Tour are phasing in the ShotLink scoring and statistics system, developed in partnership with IBM. It reports real-time information on every shot, by every player, in every tournament, and makes that information available through television and Internet graphics.

In the past two years, GPS technology was used to map 78 of the 90 tournament courses, along with laser technology to measure the length and accuracy of shots on and around the greens.

“We have looked at GPS for the past five or so years,” said Steve Evans, PGA Tour’s vice president of information technology. “When we started our ShotLink project we thought GPS would play a larger role in the data collection, but our research indicated that GPS was more valuable to the mapping effort and to the amateur golfer than it was to our data collection effort.”

For the ShotLink System, the PGA purchased 105 total stations. These laser survey systems measure distances within an 1/8 of an inch at a range of 656 feet (200 meters). During tournament play, a laser system will be located near each green, fairway landing area, and second landing area on par-5s. A majority of the courses were also mapped using a total station survey system.

With these measurements, a three-dimensional map of each course will be used to create a virtual golf course in cyberspace, making every player’s shot available in real time on the Internet. The 3D maps, which are still being designed, will allow announcers to point out the peculiarities of particular courses, such as depressions in the sand bunkers and pitch of the greens. The ShotLink system will also allow viewers to keep abreast of golfers’ tendencies — how far a golfer usually hits a ball with a certain club, how accurately they putt from a certain distance, and what other players have scored from the same or similar positions. These numbers will be updated during the tournament and made available to viewers on the PGA Tour web site.

The PGA began broadcasting graphics for ABC Sports at the Canon Greater Hartford Open in June. Animations of five holes were also shown to NBC and Golf Channel viewers during the U.S. Open in June. GPS-Mapping, based in Corvallis, Oregon, mapped the U.S. Open course using LI and L1/L2 receivers.

Mapping A Course

The biggest difficulty to mapping a course are obstructions such as buildings, trees and golfers, said Eric Gakstatter, owner of GPS-Mapping.

“The time required depends on the task,” he said. “At the U.S. Open course, in addition to mapping the entire course and surveying the holes that were to be animated, we mapped several thousand trees and recorded specie attribute for each one. We were on-site about four days.”

The market demand for course mapping is steadily increasing, especially in the areas of maintenance and other applications that increase efficiency and reduce costs, Gakstatter said.

“The value of applying GPS to golf courses is not just simply mapping the course or installing GPSguidance systems on golf carts,” he said. “The value is how to integrate GPS into all aspects of planning, construction, maintenance, management and renovation. GPS can save a tremendous amount of money if applied correctly. The weakness of virtually all people I’ve met who are trying to apply GPS to golf is that they are either knowledgeable about GPS or golf, but not both.”


Parview, of Sarasota, Florida, uses Trimble GPS receivers in its golf systems.

The PGA’s ShotLink scoring and statistic system uses Trimble 5600 Total Stations with DR200+ + and the Trimble GPS Total Station 4700 survey system. Technology from Laser Atlanta is also used.

GPS Mapping used receivers from Corvallis Microtechnology Inc. to map the U.S. Opencourse.

The Majestic at Lake Walden Golf Course uses Inforetech Wireless Technology’s ProShot GPS golfmanagement system.

Garret Jaros is associate editor of GPS World.


With GPS golf systems, emergency warnings and immediate help lie as close as the nearest cart.

“We’ve saved a half-dozen lives with GPS,” said Nathan Yoder, ParView’s vice president of marketing.

“One situation, a year ago, a woman was stung by a wasp. Her throat swelled and closed off her breathing. She pushed the 911 emergency button on her cart and help was sent.”

In May, when a tornado twisted its way across Hartland, Michigan and bore down on the busy Majestic at Lake Walden Golf Course, Golf Pro Steve Tannar used ProShot Golf’s T-1800 to notify golfers to clear the course. About 120 of the 150 golfers were able to make the clubhouse basement before the tornado touched down. The remainder took cover on the course.

“We lost a lot of trees, but no one was injured,” said a course spokesman.

In the fall, the very same system that saves lives is used to send out football scores.


SkyHawke developers unveil new SkyGolf product

RIDGELAND – Two years ago, a small Ridgeland company launched a one-of-a-kind handheld digital caddie that uses satellites to help golfers lower their handicaps.


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SkyHawke Technologies’ founders marketed their SkyGolf yardage tool to what they saw as an untapped, highly lucrative market – 50 million golfers worldwide who spend billions of dollars each year improving their games.

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Best tips for parents to help your kids try their balance bikes

So you have just bought a balance bike to teach your children to learn how to ride a bike as well as how to balance it. This will be the most interesting experience of your family. Due to each child, there are two main options: either they try to hop on the bike and spin or scared and refuse to ride. In the second case, how parent we can deal with it? Or there are some of us who are afraid of their child falling from the bike while trying to ride, how to overcome that anxiety? Well, those matters will be presented clearly in this article.


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Is your family going to have a new member? So how to help your children become a good

There are some families in this world that parents always want to have two, three or even more children for many reasons such as they love children, they don’t want their first child to feel lonely. However, sometimes, those children do not feel the same way but on the contrary, it is the jealousness with their younger sisters or brothers. This feeling is easy to understand but if parents we ignore our children’ feeling, who knows, there may be some bad sides caused from this issue. Our duty is to help them to control the envy in addition to love their siblings as well.

From that point, during your pregnancy, please make a detailed and reasonable preparation for your first child. It has never been too soon to practice the bilingual responsibilities, one to make your first child have fun with his / her younger brothers or sisters and the other is to create the coddled feeling for them like the time before they have new siblings. [Read more…]


How to make a detailed plan for a perfect fishing trip

Almost people have the same hobby which is go fishing. People have a tendency to go fishing in their free time with their friends and their relatives. Having a good fishing trip is the good occasion for the members understands more about each other as well as put an end to the generation gaps. You also can take the advantage of this trip to enhance the relationships and build the strong ones. Therefore, it is frank to say that the fishing trip is very beneficial for all people. Although the fishing trip is advantages for both genders, including the men and the women, people don’t know how to have a perfect fishing trip. Today, we will provide you the detailed instruction to help you have the most unforgettable trip in your lifetime.

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How to find out the best fishing rod

Fishing is the most interesting activity that appeals hundred people every month. People from all walks of life usually have a tendency to take part in this activity in their free time to escape from the hustle and the bustle of their life. Furthermore, going fishing also is a good chance for them to enjoy the beauty of the nature and the tranquility. If you are the big fan of fishing, you should prepare a good fishing rod. Nowadays, in the market, there are a huge number of the fishing rods which can make people feel confused. Today, we will share with you how to find out the best fishing rod.


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