Why Your Kid Should Learn Yoga

Kids practicing yoga posesWhat is yoga?
Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise that has been around for thousands of years. Yoga has its roots in India, but it’s now popular all over the world. It has gained popularity recently, owing to the fact that it’s such an easy way for both adults and children to feel healthy and also have some fun.
“Yoga” means “union” in Sanskrit, an ancient language in India. In simpler terms, yoga is the coming together of both thoughts and feelings (mind) and the physical body. When people practice yoga, there’s is the overall feeling of a well-being.
Yoga has so many aspects. It’s a system of physical postures known as asanas. This asanas help in building flexibility, confidence and strength. Yoga is also all about breathing also known as pranayama, which assists in calming and refreshing the body and mind.
Why yoga for kids?
Yoga is all about exploring and learning in a fun and safe way. Children and yoga make a perfect combination. Here is what your children will learn from yoga:
Yoga teaches them about their bodies
When they practice the physical exercises (asanas), they learn how to move freely with more ease and awareness. These postures help their bodies to become stronger and flexible.
Yoga teaches them how to breathe.
When they breathe deeply and fully (pranayama), they become more aware and they can bring more energy to their bodies.
Yoga teaches them how to use their energy more effectively
When they practice yoga, they are able to learn how to use the life force energy that is in our bodies ( prana) to make themselves relaxed, motivated and focused on their goals in life.
Yoga teaches them how to make their minds quiet
When they practice yoga, they are taught postures that help them to be still. This helps them in paying keen attention while listening and thus make good decisions. This will also help them especially in school work where they are expected to make use of their listening skills quite often.
Yoga teaches them about balance
When they practice yoga, they are aware about balancing out their lives. They become aware of the benefits of leading a well balanced life. This means that they are able to balance between their playing times and their other duties at home and in school. For instance, a child is also able to balance the time spent out hunting with their dog.
Yoga teaches them to be in control of their bodies
Yoga teaches them how to listen to their bodies and to change poses that they are uncomfortable with or those that cause them pain.
Yoga teaches them on the importance of taking care of themselves
Yoga is a great way to move their bodies and feel healthy. The best way to show your children your love is to teach them how to take care of themselves. They will also be able to take care of pets in the house such as helping in feeding the family dog. Learn more about medium sized family dogs here.
The best thing about yoga is that kids can practice on their own, with other kids or in a group. There are numerous places where young kids can learn and practice yoga. Professional bodies that are mainly focused on children also support the idea of children practicing yoga.

How Do Karate Classes Help Kids Do Better in Sports As Well As Other Recreational Activities

karateMany kids who in the past have been struggling with sports and other recreational activities find that after joining a karate program it’s much easier for them to play sports and engage themselves in other activities. Its every parent wish to see her kid play well with other kids, make friends, and also enjoying every fun opportunity that comes along. This is why every parent needs to consider karate since it helps kids perform better, take on more leadership roles in their teams and also have more fun. Here is how karate helps kids become better players in all areas:



Mostly, the reason as to why a kid my fail to thrive in a sport team environment or any other recreational activity is due to lack of confidence. They do not believe that they can make it. This is where this saying comes in, “whether you think you can or that you cannot do it, you are right.” It does not matter which activity your kid is involved in, if your child does not have confidence on his capability, then he or she will not be able to do it. Karate lessons teach a kid that even if something seems hard, it is still possible to complete the task. Karate classes starts with the basics and builds up to harder skills. All students starts with something that seems easy, like standing up straight or making a first, but as they proceed to train, they learn harder techniques and as they learn hard tasks, they gain confidence after accomplishing something new. In turn, this helps them be confident on other things including sports. Whether you are sending him for camping with friends, as you give him a good hunting knife and a backpacking stove (we recommend these ones), you will be sure that he will be okay.


Karate classes calls for patience, and kids are able to understand that simply because something seems hard, that does not mean that one should give up. They learn to work through disappointments as well as tiredness. This helps them become stronger on both minds and body.


You might think that by this it means physical flexibility which is also the case here, but it also means metal and emotional flexibility as they stretch before and after classes and work on tasks that challenges them in new ways. This also trains them on body awareness which is very important in the world of sports. Also, kids are able to know that there a numerous ways of completing a task.


Leadership skills or team player

Kids learn how to be good leaders and how to follow good leaders in martial art classes. They learn how to effectively listen to instructions, follow instructions as well as how to effectively communicate their ideas. This helps them become better team players in sports, do better in school with teachers and their peers as well. It all starts with good listening and speaking skills as this is an attribute of many good marital arts program.


Why You Need To Take Your Children Out For Camping

A family campingCamping is a great recreational activity, which every child should experience occasionally in their lives. The benefits of camping cannot be underestimated, and everyone in the whole trip gains something new. Children love the natural world, by being around plants, seas and wilderness; they are able to feel free. The outdoors presents a child with a positive effect and improves their quality of life.

Benefits of camping

Cost effective
If you would like your children to have fun while on a budget, then try camping. The money you would spend on buying air tickets is scraped off and replaced by very little amount that is spend driving to a campsite. You can also use recycled camping equipment if you are on a tight budget.
Camping offers you fresh air and the exercise your children will get is great for their well being. Simple tasks such as fetching firewood offer a great workout apart from the hikes involved during camping. You can plan for a monthly camping trip with your kids so that you all refresh your minds and do your body some good.
Love for nature
Children love nature and taking them out for camping will help them develop their love for nature. You will be sure that you are bringing up responsible children who will take care of the planet by respecting nature. They will also gain knowledge on the basic survival skills and create memorable family moments with them. The best thing about camping is that it is an easy life.
Camping offers various options of other camping activities for children as well as adults. Most camping grounds are usually equipped with swimming pools, lakes, trails and a lot of other children activities. While the children are swimming, parents can keep themselves busy by drinking their favorite non-alcoholic beer or reading magazines from your best beer of the month clubs (see recommendation here) or fashion magazines. If you are active, you can join the children as well.
Family time
Camping is the best way to connect and bond with your children. If you always have a busy and hectic schedule that leaves you with very little family life, then a camping trip at the end of your busy week is the perfect way of connecting with your children. Since there are no computers and cell phones to distract you, setting up campsite and fishing activities will keep you occupied and they will all help you in spending the needed time all together.
Next time you want your children to get away from the busy city life, and enjoy a fun filled weekend, then go camping. With just a few things to carry, there will nothing that will prevent you from having a blast with your kids. Camping gets you off from the dependent city life and lets you get in touch with your wild self. Families with children should not ignore the immense benefits of camping. Those with younger children should try and get a camping site that has lots of camping activities so that young children do not get bored with similar activities.

How can Parents Help in Their Children’s Efforts When it comes to Sports?

kids and sports 2It is believed that sports participation can enrich your kid’s life and build character and a positive attitude. Kids can also earn valuable life lessons through sports. Learning how to effectively be part of a team and how to give their best is some of the lessons that kids get to learn from sports. Sports can be a favorite activity to a kid, but sometimes parents discourage kids from taking part in some sports, thus shattering their dreams. Every kid needs support from his parents for him to be able to do well in sports. But how much should parents encourage their kids? Is it a parent’s responsibility to choose a sport for their kid? To help you understand this better, this article seeks to help you to understand some factors that you need to know about:

In most cases, parents think that it is a coach’s responsibility to make kids super players and so they do not think that they have a role to play. They spend most of their free time seeking to know different types of rum brands (recommended reading here) so that they can spend time chatting with friends when taking it. Others attend almost every cocktail party with friends to sip some expensive vodka and have fun, but what they do not understand is that their kids needs them to be able to succeed in sports.

For one to succeed in sports, one needs to learn how to be a team player and also how to corporate. As kids start playing, in most cases they understand sport as an activity where one needs to be selfish and egotistical. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach your kid the right lessons to be able to keep them on the right track. One way of doing this is by showing appreciation for his good performance, even for the opposing players. This goes for every game that your child plays as well as sports that you watch together on the TV. It does not matter which team is playing, give credit where it is due. You need to be concerned about your kid’s performance since that is the main reason as to why you are watching the game in the first place. To help him be a good player you need to make him understand that other players are also talented.

To help your child display a good sportsmanship, you need to set a good example. Most of the mistakes that take place when kids are playing do not come as a result of the kids who are playing but as a result of the parents who are watching from the side. You need to portray a good behavior when you attend game so as to help your child learn from you. Arguing with his trainer or a coach is never a good idea. Also, you need to avoid badmouthing other players or teams, whether it is your kid’s league or professional sports unless that is what you want your child to learn from you.

There is more to life than just sports. Some parents and kids needs to be reminded of this very often. It is good that you ensure that there is a balance between your child’s life and sports. Tracking his performance in school will help him remain balanced.  If you realize that you kid is doing bad in school, this maybe as a result of much focus in sports, and even if you want him to be good in sports, you also need to ensure that he is also performing well in school because that too is part of his life. Some kids take too much time playing and they forgot their teacher’s homework. You cannot let this happen.

The recommendations that we have just shared in this article can be of help to parents with children who love sports. We all love it when someone is supporting us in every way and motivating your child in the positive way can be of great help in his sports career.

How To Save Money While Buying Your Kids Sports Gear

children-playersChildren are lovely, but at times they are just “little monsters” who want to have everything they see with their friends and if you are not careful as a parent, you may end up spending too much on your kids sport wear than they really need. Children are always fascinated with sports since they can run around as much as they want; some truly love sports, while others play just for fun and this is where there is lots of trouble- when it’s simply for fun!
The ‘fun guys’ are the hardest to please because when they see any new sport gear, they want it immediately. We all know that sport gears are damn expensive. You get your child to join the soccer team and think it’s all over. No, it’s just started for you. You have to buy good soccer training shoes, soccer training equipment, soccer ball and the list goes on and on. At the end of it all, you have been set a good amount of dollars back in your credit card. How then do you cut down those expenses while at the same time ensuring that your children are happy? Here is how to…
If the kid is very young, then they are growing and in a few years, they may have changed their minds about the sport they are interested in. Buying so may sport gears may be a waste after just a few years or even months. For example, if your kid likes roller skates, do not buy them immediately they ask for them. You can ask your friend or neighbors if they do have one or just take it on rent for several months to check whether the child is interested in the sport. If you realize that the child likes the sport even after several months, you can go ahead and buy it for them.
Do you have teenagers in the house who would like some sport gears? This is the time to teach them how to work and save. You can ask them to look for a part time job so that they can work for the money to buy themselves their sports gears. Most hotels and restaurants usually hire waiters who work part time. If they do not like being waiters, they can also work as prep cooks to earn some money to buy themselves the sport gears they so need.
You can also choose to do online shopping for sport gears. This is one of the easiest ways to save some money. They are so many online websites that sell sport gears at very low prices. Sometimes you may find people who would like to sell their gently used gears at very cheap prices compared to the market prices.
Take advantage of the pre-season sale. During this time, most things usually go for discounted prices including sport gears. You may end up getting a very nice deal yet pay very little for it.
However, when looking for deals, always consider your kids safety. If a child is safe, they are likely to perform better and you will not be a worried parent all the time. There you have it. What are you waiting for? Get your kids all geared up with the right sport wear and they will enjoy their play time.

The Best Sports Training for Kids

sport training for kidsIf you are considering introducing your child to athletics and sports, you should first study your options and the different choices available for undergoing your kid through sports training. Depending on your child’s capacity prior training, you can either choose from live, online, or DVD sports training. There are circumstances when it would be beneficial to go for a certain type of training while disregarding the others, while in some cases, a combination of the different types of training available would be called for to optimize the benefits that could be gained.

The following are the kinds of sports training that will improve their posture, improve your balance and co-ordination, re balance muscles, develop core strength, enhance flexibility and strength, lengthen your muscles and teach the kids to identify and be familiar with how their own bodies work.
1. Live Sports Training

As its very name indicates, this type of sports training is undertaken in the presence of a sports coach or trainer. This kind of training is highly recommended if the sports skill set of your child is in the elementary or beginner’s level. The cost incurred in this type of training will be dependent on the number of participant’s. Generally speaking, if you opt for your child to participate in group sessions or programs where there are a lot of participant’s, you will spend less for the training than if you prefer to register your kid for a one-on-one session with a trainer.

Maybe your child loves swimming, when don’t you encourage her to take it as a sport? This can be very effective especially if you have a pool that is on top of the ground. Once your kid is done watching live sports training, she can put what she learns into practice on the pool. However, this might be impossible, especially if your pool is full of algae since your child may not be able to swim in a lot of greens. Therefore, the best way is to find ways to eliminate algae in the pool.

2. Online Sports Training

The availability of the internet combined with other relevant technologies has also made possible the viability of online sports training. There are a number of websites that offer paid access to those who are interested to avail of such trainings and the cost varies depending on the program and the customization of the training chosen by a participant. Various sports are also available in this training medium. This kind of training will be beneficial for a child only if prior live training has been undertaken and basic sports skills has already been developed. On the other hand, this can be taken as an adjunct to a current live training to enhance or accelerate the development of sports skills.

3. Sports DVDs Training

Sports DVDs are readily available for all kinds of sports. The only difference between the use of a DVD in training sports and an online channel is that sports videos are already a fixed recording of instructions and demonstrations from a trainer, while an online training program may be revised at any moment depending on need or customization required by the trainee. As is true with online sports training program, your child will benefit best from using sports DVDs only if he has already mastered basic sports skills.

4. Trainer Credentials

For both live and online/video training programs, the credentials of trainers are a crucial factor to consider. It should be noted that credentials may have a direct bearing on the cost of the training program itself. For your child’s benefit, it would be best to choose a trainer that has an expertise in motivating young and beginning athletes.

You do not have to struggle when training your kid. Be it swimming, football, basket ball, cricket, or any other sport, with the above sports training tips, your child will be perfect in whatever he/she does.

What makeup should a girl wear for sports?

girlplayingsoccerAn ideal sports makeup ought not to leave your face smeared up or full of pimples. Wrong selection of the makeup will only leave you a hot mess at the end of the game! It is not advisable to wear a lot of makeup during sports. However, if one has to apply some foundation or mascara, go for products that can withstand perspiration. A wrong product will melt off your foundation, it is important to note that sweat provides an ideal environment for Zit causing bacteria.

Owing to the fact that many girls are used to having some makeup, they would feel naked or dirty if they missed it. Here is a list of the basic makeup foundation picks:

· Go for a makeup with a light coverage: Heavier coverage makeups have more pigment that can be trapped under your skin resulting into pimples. The silicone makeups are ideal for sports. Why silicone? Well, the silicone molecules are too large to penetrate in your skin not forgetting that they are also water resistant too. Don’t know which makeup to pick? Why not try one for combination skin.

· Oil free makeup: Secondly, one ought to go for an oil free makeup. Do you want to look good and play well too? The answer is both but then your skin needs to breathe to avoid fatigue and muscle cramps. On the other hand, oil based makeup trap the sweat under the makeup causing it to smear. In addition to that, non-comadogenic or non-acnegenic makeups are a good choice too.

· Sunscreen: During any sport activity especially outdoor activities such as athletic or field hockey, the skin is exposed to the sun for a long time. The sunscreen lotion protects your skin against harmful rays. The product ought to be as water proof as possible, prior to applying the sunscreen, it is important to wear a foundation. Lastly, don’t forget to wash off the make up after the exercise.

Best makeup brands

Some of the best makeup brands ideal for sports include:

· Skindinavia, the product is oil free thus preventing instances of melting, creasing or slipping of the makeup. It gives a professional natural look.

· Roe cosmetics, the products create a long lasting natural look. It is interesting to note that the products are made from natural minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide which are insoluble.

It is important to note that wearing of earrings’ is greatly dangerous; it may reap off your ear! Other things that you ought not to wear are hair clippers, bracelets or rings. Depending on the sporting activity you may or may not be allowed to have a wrist watch. In addition to that, it is important to realize that some sporting activities do not allow for makeup-no makeup zone. Such sporting activities include swimming; the water will only wash off your eyeliner or your spray foundation. Lastly, it is important to get the right product to avoid skin damages or pimples. Research for the best makeup brand for your sport activity type!

Best Diet Tips for Teenagers

teendietBering a teenager is one of the most demanding stages of your life. It is when massive physical changes happen on your body, which must be fueled by proper food and nutritional intake. Of course, you want to help your body reach its maximum growth and development, but how exactly can you do this? First, you should know that a perfect meal is nothing near “double cheese burger and large fries” or “a bag of potato chips and soda” Optimum nutrition is achieved by eating a balanced and healthy diet. This means taking in enough amount of calories daily and consuming food from all major food groups. A balanced and healthy diet does not only help your body grow and develop, but also gives you energy to perform your daily activities, makes you feel good and look real good.

The following are tips you should observe when it comes to healthy eating:

1. Avoid skipping meals. Teenagers are notorious for skipping meals, especially breakfast. This meal gives you large source of energy and nutrition for the whole day. Breakfast also jump-starts your metabolism and helps control your weight. So when you feel that those extra minutes of sleep in the morning are so difficult to sacrifice for food, why not prepare breakfast the night before? You can slice a whole wheat bread, toast it quickly in the morning and spread peanut butter on it (instead of cream cheese). You can mix raisins and nuts in a bag, pick it up the next day an nibble it on your way to school. A hard-boiled egg, an apple or a container of yogurt can also do as to-go meals. For teens that simply don’t like to eat, you can make the meals more flavorful by adding cheese or spices, better yet, get a good grinder for herbs to fresh grind all the spices.
2. Eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables daily. Whether frozen, fresh, dried or tinned, they are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Smoothies, healthy green juice, or baked veggies also count. To make smoothies or juice fresher and more budget friendly, we recommend you get a good blender or juicer for your family (click here for recommendations). The World Health Organization recommends five 80 g portions of vegetables and fruits daily as this reduces your risk of serious health conditions later in life including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart problems and stroke.
3. Snack wisely. For most teens, snacking is a way of life and can even comprise up to 1/3 of their daily caloric intake. However, their preferences seem to be way off the healthy scale. You should therefore avoid eating foods with high saturated fat including pies, biscuits and processed meats. Also avoid foods high in sugar such as chocolates, sweets and pastries. Opt for applesauce, nonfat frozen yogurt, low-fat cheeses, baked potato chips or air-popped popcorn.
4. Watch your fluid intake. Target drinking six to eight glasses of fluid every day. Healthy choices include water, milk and unsweetened fruit juices. Stay away from soda and caffeinated beverages.
5. Say no to food fads. When you are not comfortable with your weight, it is very tempting to fall into the trap of latest food fads. However, do remember that they are often imbalanced nutrition-wise as they are based on only one or two foods. They may work for a short time but definitely not permanently: once you stop dieting, you get back to your previous weight. Nothing beats a healthy and balanced diet coupled with regular exercise when it comes to long-term weight management.


Restoring hair volume after workout

workout_nycorpExercise is good for the body and your hair too. However, too much exercise is not good for your hair. This is because if you work out too much without balancing out in terms of nutrition, you might have some hair loss. Some of the most common causes of hair loss may include:

  • The use of steroids to boost strength and intensity of workouts will cause the loss of hair. This is because steroids are similar to testosterone which also leads to hair loss.
  • Anemia-female athletes are at the greatest risk of suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency causes hair loss, it may manifest as patches or all over the head. It sometimes starts as a receding hairline.
  • Sweat buildup -t he buildup of sweat in the scalp may be due to leaving your hair unwashed for too long, especially after intense workouts. Salt causes hair to break, shed and leaves your hair dry and dull.
  • Chlorine- chlorine is added to water in swimming pools for the sake of public health. It causes hair to dry out and break off, therefore the need to wear swimming caps or washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner after swimming. Experts also advise wetting your hair with non-chlorinated water before you dive into that pool.
  • Intense workouts are also known to put the body in a state of chronic stress. Chronic stress causes a condition called telogen effluvium, where the hair follicles enter a premature resting phase. In this phase, they shed hair instead of growing it.

Here are some tips for restoring volume to hair after workout:

• Start with washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo, especially a shampoo with vitamin B3 or niacin. Rice and wheat proteins used in shampoos are the best as they same effect as niacin.
Use a volumizing conditioner. Apply conditioner on the lengths of the hair only.
Use clarifying shampoo on your hair to remove residue shampoo conditioner or any other hair products in your hair that causes your hair to look limp. Use this shampoo 1 or 2 times a month
Apply highlights -highlights create the illusion of volume or thicker looking hair. They add texture and dimension to your hair therefore causing it to look thicker.
Avoid hair gels, waxes and balms and instead use volumizing hairsprays and mousses. This is because gels and waxes flatten your hair and reduce its volume.
Blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. Do not overdo it and make sure to pass the blow dryer quickly over your hair in the direction of the cuticles. This has the effect of giving your hair more volume and shine.
Dry shampoo your hair between your regular hair washes. Avoid washing your hair daily, as it takes away natural oils from your hair.
Take multi-mineral supplements and multivitamins such as biotin and B vitamins which promote healthy hair growth.
Include flax seed in your diet which is important for promoting shiny hair.

Getting the right haircut and changing the way you part your hair is also a quick and easy way to add volume to your hair.

Games your kids can play with dogs

Dogs and kids are pretty similar in many ways, and one way is the fact that they both love to play! Most of the time, the energy levels of children and dogs can match, but you always have to remember to supervise these interactions in order to prevent things from getting out of hand. Overly-rough play should be discouraged, as this can risk injury for both the child and the dog. It is also not advisable for kids to grab toys that are in the dog’s possession, unless the dog has been taught to “drop” the toy and is commanded so by the child. There are various games though, that kids and dogs can play together, and are both enjoyable and safe.


dogfetchTeaching your dogs and kids to play fetch together is both enjoyable and beneficial for your dog. This gives your pet enough exercise, teaches them to respect your children by following their commands and giving proper space, while your kids are having the time of their lives! All you need to do is teach your dog (we recommend small to medium size dogs over large dog breeds for small kids, see recommendations from melovemypet.com) to retrieve a ball, or any toy, and ask him to drop it on command. Once you ask your kids to try this themselves and the dogs obey, make sure to ask them to reward the dog by handing them a treat. For this interaction, you have to make sure though, to teach the dog never to grab the toy or jump up at people in attempt to get it.

Hide and Seek

Kids just loooove hide and seek. Dogs on the other hand, adore treats. So why not put these two together? All you have to do is to ask your dog to sit and stay while your child looks for a hiding place. Here’s the fun part–your kid should be holding a handful of yummy high value treats! Pieces of hotdog would work, or something else that smells wonderful to your dog like liver or liver flavored treats. When you first try this game out, make sure that the hiding place isn’t too far or hard to find. As time goes on, your dog will get better and better at sniffing out your kid and the treats, that you can try looking for harder hiding places. When the dog finds your kid, you can reward him by giving him the treats.


Kids are always delighted by dogs doing tricks, so this activity is a great way for them to spend time together. Asking the dog to shake, play dead and roll over are the usual fun tricks that dogs can do with a child. This is not just enjoyable, it’s also a great way to train your dog, this way, it teaches your pet to follow the commands of even the youngest members of the family.


Dogs simply enjoy tugging, and I’m sure your kids would love this, too, especially if done correctly. The correct way of doing this is by asking the dog to wait as the kid grabs both ends of the rope toy. Only when the “go” or “take it” command is given, should the dog grab the middle of the toy and tug.

Personal Hygiene Tips after Intense Exercise

intenseExerciseThe overall health of an individual is linked directly to their personal hygiene practices and their grooming. This is why most people find it easy to overcome illnesses simply by taking proper care of their bodies. Your health is more vulnerable after intense exercises because of the exposure to sweat, which is a source of dirt, especially for kids doing outdoor sports. This is why you need to be extra careful with your personal hygiene when you come back from the gym. There are several tips below that might guide you in promoting your health and making that intense exercise count. 

The first thing that you need to do after an intense exercise is to take a nice bath. This will make you feel fresh as you will lower your body temperature and get rid of the clothes that you wore during the exercise. Taking a shower is also essential as it protects you from getting diseases caused by unhygienic conditions. You can either use soap or shower gel to eliminate the sweat and body dirt.

Always make sure that you keep your hair as neat and tidy as possible. This means that you should find yourself a nice Pair of shampoo and conditioner for your hair to wash of any dirt that might have found its way to your scalp. Thereafter, comb your hair and do not let it get frizzy or dry especially if it is long. You might want to consider using a conditioner to improve the overall appearance of your hair. In case you have a long beard or a bushy moustache then you can opt to use some of the available shaving creams and gels to shave them.

Finger nails and toe nails can act as stores for dirt especially after exercising; you should therefore keep them short always. This way germs and pathogens will have nowhere to hide on your body.

The smell of sweat is never attractive, however, you can use deodorant and antiperspirants to keep you smelling good even after the intense exercise. These products can be used to effectively control your body odor. Your skin will also require specialized attention; this means you have to wash your hands several times to get rid of any dryness or breakdown after exercise. You have the option of using a variety of mild lotions, which will protect your skin against ultra violet rays.

In any case, personal hygiene should be considered mandatory and not optional especially after hours of jogging and weight lifting.

What Teenagers Can do in Summer Break

campTeenage period is the transitional period where the child is in the process of becoming an adult. This process entails learning many things and at the same tie having fun. Due to school system that takes almost 100% of a teenager’s time, most teenagers use their summer break for fun and leisure activities. At some point this may be a good opportunity for a teenage to involve in constructive leisure activities. In other instances, teenagers use their summer break to involve in destructive activities such as drug taking. As parents, it is important to monitor what our teenage children do in their leisure time. The following are some things teenagers can do in summer break.

Coaching sports camp for kids

These are facilities created to facilitate the growth of a child in an environment that offers quality chances to grow and develop. These facilities offers great chances for the children to explore their world together with their age mates. It also offers a chance to make more new friends and create a network. It gives the child a chance to interact with different people from different background

For the teenagers, these facilities offers a golden chance to explore the world. The wider benefit of such facilities is the chance offered to discover their talents and expound them. These facilities offer coaching programs for various sporting activities where teenagers can discover different sporting activities and develop interest in some of these activities. This is the point that most of the teenagers develop interest in various activities which turn out to be their talents. These activities include football, running, biking, skating and many more. Most of the teenagers involve in such activities in search of sponsorship opportunities in the sports world which at times leads to their career as grownups.

In addition, teenagers can also engage in more mature and constructive activities or finding a job such as cashier or server. For girls, nanny is a great job option. Its also a great learning experience for teens to prepare resume (here is a good resource site), study for interview, and gaining social experiences. These are just some of opportunities that are available in the job market. They do not involve much of decision making process that might be hard for a teenager but rather they present a more practical and engaging opportunity for them to apply what they learnt in school. For example mathematics accounting application or applying communication skills as a server.

More of these opportunities are available in organizations where the teenagers can volunteer to work. In volunteerism they do not work for money but to gain experience in career world and development career wise.

Some of other activities they may engage in includes: Summer camps- this activity is loved by majority of teenagers since it offers a chance to explore the world and making of new friends. Improving skills on already discovered talent- example of this is playing piano. A teenager may use his or her summer break to improve on their talent such as playing piano in music world. Engaging in community volunteer projects. Teenagers are valuable assets in their communities. They can use the summer break to give back to their communities by volunteering in community projects such as environmental conservation.

Summer break is a great chance for teens to become responsible young adults. Don’t just waste the summer break, do something meaningful that will be beneficial in the future!

How to Protect Your Hairs – For Girl Athletes

nysports_hairstyleAs a sports coach, I often heard girls are not willing to play sports because they think it might damage their hair. Girls are get more and more concerned about hair care and style as they grow older, leading to a fairly large drop in girls interested in sports. As a coach, this is not what I want to see.

So, I did some home work and found lots of information on hair care and hair styles. If you are interested in learning more about hair, I recommend this site. I also want to share what I learned on how to protect your hair that can benefit all the girls and eliminate any possible hair damage (if there is any), for participating in sports.I’ll be focusing on curly hair in this article.

Curly hair pattern is a common thing among us. In most cases, natural curly hair is unique, and thus requires a lot of care – to be tailored in a particular hair type. Having the best protective hairstyle for natural hair is beneficial to both your hair type and structure.

1. Condition

This method is mostly known to make someone’s hair stresses, silkier and softer. The co-wash is a popular trend in the natural hair community; it is where washing is done with a conditioner instead of utilizing shampoo.

This is done in order to prevent dryness mostly caused by some shampoos, which strip the hair oil during the cleaning process. The conditioner has proteins that help with restoration of moisture, nourish and make the hair shiny.

2. Use safe, hair products

It’s preferable to use the natural ingredients like coconut oil whenever you are treating your hair. These natural products are safer and beneficial to your hair, as opposed to chemical-laden products. For instance, alcohol present in the hair products can cause dryness.

3. Protecting styling

This is a styling where the hair is covered or shielded from the elements that usually destroy the hair. These protective hairstyles for natural hair include undoes, head wraps, weaves, braids and wigs. This is a natural way of protecting the hair from breakage; it promotes the hair growth and length retention over a long period.

4. Diet

Hair is composed of the protein keratin, so as a protective style. Aim in taking food that is rich in protein, water, fatty acids, in conjunction with adequate rest and exercise. This will to promote hair growth and strengthening. Consuming oil helps to keep the hair shiny.

5. Minimize exposure to Heat

High temperature can destroy the protective (cuticle) layer of the hair. It usually makes the hair loses moisture and makes the hair dry, frizzy and brittle. These high temperatures denature the proteins found in the cuticle layer of the hair and thus protein treatment should be done to restore, rebuild and strengthen the hair damaged by heat.

6. Trim regularly

Trimming should be done to remove the split ends and damaged hair. So that it can improve its appearance, create even, and uniform outlook. A good and well-trimmed hair looks healthier as the damaged hair has been removed.

7. Mind and body

Emotional state is very important in our body. Stress is one of the emotional states that affects our body and can even take a toll on the hair; it can make the hair thin, as well as making some hair to lose its strength, thus removed out. However, stress should always be controlled and as much as possible find out ways of eliminating it.

8. Moisturize

It is essential to moisture other kind of hair that are prone to breakage and dryness, this is as results of its incapability to move the natural oil down the shaft. Moisturizing hydrates the hair, infusing emollients essentials to make the hair softer, suppler and more manageable. The hair can be moisture by putting water or leave it in a conditioner.

Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is fun. Awesome sunshine, warm weather, fireworks, picnics; not to mention time with family and friends and numerous sports as well. As a parent, summer offers you a great opportunity to vicariously relieve your childhood dreams. Maybe you are thinking of the best activities for your children this summer, these are always different types of games and your kids can have the best times of their life. Below are some of the best summer activities for children:

1. Basketball

There are so many games kids can play in the basketball court regardless of age. allow them learn different games such as 21 or game of 1 on 1, horse, all these are fun but the best of all is BUMP.

2. Soccer

Kids love soccer. Since soccer can be played just anywhere, it can be a great sport for your kids. It doesn’t matter how many they are in the field, your kids can try a score by simply hitting a garbage can.

3. Water fun games at home

Water fun can be great for kids. You can make a cheap kiddies’ pool, a plastic sheet or a slide and slide. You can also include a sprinkler and let your children through past it. You can even call their friends over and serve them with an easy treat like Popsicle. You can even decorate the driveways with wet hand and foot-prints, play with spray bottles or squirt guns. They can also have blow bubble, make pies, water balloon fights or even have fun playing in the rain. Allow them to wet you as well to make it more fun.

4. Nature hike

You and your kids can visit a walking park at a nearby square or find a real trail hike. Think of what kind of leaves that your kids can find. You can take an off-road a little bit and let them have bags where they can store their favorites. Want to impress your kids even more? Bring a survival knife and teach them some Bushcraft skills. You can find more information here.

5. Play-make believe

What you may not know is that kids are great magic makers. Who else do you know can make a life preserver from a sandwich bag? Let them try making magic and see why imaginations count.

6. Art games

You can take your children to a picturesque location with water colors and allow them paint what they can see. This way you will be improving their artistic and creative thinking in them.

7. Flag football

Football is a vital all American game but it is way more fun in the absence of all the tackling. One way to do away with the tackling is by tagging the ball carrier or you can simply make flags with socks or shredded cloth, and let your kids try to snag it from the ball carrier’s belt. Your kids will really enjoy this.

8. Skateboarding

Skating is one of the best summer activities loved by most kids. You can train them different styles of skating and make their summer the best one ever.

9. Biking Kids love bikes. Summer holiday without biking may not be complete for your kids. They can compete amongst themselves and see who the best is when it comes to biking.

10. Swimming

Due to the hot summer weather, a swim cannot be bad for a kid. You can take them to a beach or a swimming pool and let them stretch their muscles. Some kids may not swim even 5 meters away. But when they compete with other kids thy might improve their swimming skills and become professional swimmers in future.

As the saying goes, “idle minds are devils workshop”; hence, if you leave your children idle and allow them to spend summer holiday as they please, chaos are bound to arise. Therefore, keeping kids active is very important but you should also ensure that the activities they indulge in are not taxing or sounding like a chore or even a punishment. With the above ideas for summer activities for children, you and your kids can have the best experience ever.

Youth Basketball Drills You Can Practice Alone

basketballIt’s a perfectly known reality: in order for your players to be skilled around the court, they should practice. With practice comes an entire huge amount of youth basketball drills. While your group might think that drills are dull, they are completely and entirely vital. Provide this footfire drill an attempt throughout one of your earlier basketball practices – it’s a wonderful technique to sharpen your players’ stance and footwork capabilities.

Objective of the Footfire Footwork Drill

It is imperative that your group understood the significance of fundamental basketball strategies. Among the most basic and important elements to the game is stance. Having the capability to instantly return to the proper protective position throughout a play is essential. As soon as your players are comfortable sufficient snapping back to their position, they will be much better prepared to take on and respond rapidly to the opposing group.

How the youth basketball drill Functions

To begin, break your group up into couples. Among the pair will start out by providing the commands. When he or she provides the “Position” command, the various other player is to presume the protective stance: head straight over the waist, back straight, hands kept above the waist, arms near to the body, elbows bent, feet about shoulder-width apart, weight distributed equally around the balls of the feet, and knees a little flexed. When the player offers the “Go” command, their friend is to move their feet up and down as quickly as possible whilst maintaining the right offensive stance type. This continues for 10 seconds or till the “Stop” command is offered.

Do 3 repetitions of this drill during basketball practice. Each repeating ought to last for ten seconds with ten-second rest intervals.

Whenever you lead this kids’ basketball drill, tell your group to help keep the following in thoughts:.

* Always double-check to insure that you simply are in the correct offending stance.

* Move your feet as rapidly as you have the ability to.

* Your goal should be to have your feet attacked the ground forty to fifty times throughout every ten-second session.

Variations of this youth basketball drill.

If your players wish to try an advanced variation of this drill throughout basketball practice, tell them to attempt the following:.

* Instead of adhering to ten-second repeatings with ten-second rest periods, mix it up. Instruct the players that they’re permitted to shout out the “Stop” and “Go” commands twice throughout every repeating. This may not just help your players work on their offensive position, but it may likewise help them work on their response time so that they are constantly prepared for anything throughout a play.

Exercising will be the key. If you’re exercising basketball drills only, you may also work in your ball dealing with drills. These drills might be exercised alone and can assist you tremendously throughout a basketball game.

These are just a few of the many various youth basketball drills that you just can exercise alone or with other people. However, it is crucial that you just practice alone whenever you can because that enables you to not be worried a lot about having eyes on you while you exercise your approach. In the event you screw up, you’re the only 1 who knows it, and you could focus on attempting to understand the proper techniques.

This really is just among many basketball drills for youngsters focusing on the offending stance. Make certain to remind your kids that doing drills throughout practice will just make them more powerful and much better out on the court.

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How Parents Can Choose The Best Sports Program

youth sports programLearning and perfecting your skills in a sport is a tough process that can take very many years. A majority of the people who play sports professionally have been doing so since they were very young children. It is always wise as a parent that you help your children to choose the best sport for them- not choose for them. When you register your child for a sports program you will be helping him/her to not only to learn new skills but also develop a socially acceptable personality.

If you must choose, how will you do it?

Generally, the sport you introduce your children to when they are still young ends up becoming a passion that will last them a lifetime. But terms and conditions do apply. You will not choose just any sports program for your child and expect them to succeed. Here are tips you should consider:


How old is your child? The age determines what sports the child can play and which ones they cannot. While it may not be realistic to teach a four year old how to play baseball, soccer on the other hand might be really easy. Very young children have no time to keep complex rules in them and they are at stage of development that does not really allow them to play games in teams. At a young age, sports programs that focus on individual activities tend to be the best.


Enrolling for a sports program is as much a task for you as it is for the child. Who will be dropping the child and picking them up? Will you be able to attend their competitions to cheer? And also will the practice schedule collide with your child’s other activities such as school work and house chores?


Sports programs especially for small kids do not come cheap. However, it is possible to find places that do offer good and affordable programs.

Expertise of the trainers

Some trainers are meant for adults and not children. Training small children requires a lot of patience. Find out before enrolling if the trainers have the adequate training to handle your child suitably.

Always be democratic

Do not be one of those parents who force things upon their children. Sure the kid will learn how to play the sport and probably become an expert in it but you do not want a child who hates you. There are limits to how much you can push your child to train in a sport. If your child wants to quit encourage him/her to keep going but do not give ultimatums or worse yet punish them into continuing. Probably you chose a sport that does not match their personality, be democratic enough to ask your child what he wants to do. That is the most appropriate way of how to choose the best sports program for youth and very small kids as well. Teenagers have the capacity to decide on their own so choosing will not really be up to you- just help them decide if it is the right one or not.
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6 most popular youth sports and how they benefit your kids

Many parents often do not know the benefits of allowing kids to participate in sports. Allowing kids to play can help them develop skills of training, work ethic, and perseverance that is very important to their health. In addition, sports can help kids grow up responsible and social human beings. 

The following are common sports for youths and their benefits;

1. Baseball

The number of kids learning baseball at an early age has also risen to 3 times over the last 10 years. This has contributed to an increase in the number of future players since many parents are now encouraging their kids to join the sport that were previously termed as “a dangerous game”.

Remember that at young age, a kid can be able to learn the tricks that they should know about the game at the same time developing passion about the sport.

small__85151069052. Basketball

Many kids are now starting to learn basketball at an early age according to the ESPN. The latest statistics have shown that the population of kids playing for many school-sponsored teams has more than double in last five years since 2006. This has enabled the kids to nurture their talents at a younger by learning the basic skills at an early age without any pressure of competition.

3. Soccer

Soccer is among the fastest growing sports for kids in America. In addition, soccer is one of the sports that have the largest number of fans in the world when compared to other types of sports. The sport is also easy to learn and begin playing thus making it very exciting for the youngsters. Although soccer is simple at first, the strategy as well as advanced skills can take time to develop to make the game competitive when the kid grows older.

small__98218977934. Football

Many parents have also allowed their kids to join football academies that will teach the kids the basic principles when playing football. Football also allows for children of any size and shape (variation of the positions) when competing in any team atmosphere. Many parents often tend to be concerned on the sport due to the contact. Nevertheless, when taught properly, it can be among the safest sports for kids to play because of the helmets and padding.

5. Athletics

The sport gives the youths an opportunity to participate as individually or a team when running in the tracks. Field and track allows participation of the kids across a spectrum of an athletic capability. Kids have an opportunity to compete in several events from distance running to sprinting and jumping and to throwing. This will enable them develop skills for future athletics when they grow older.

6. Volleyball

Popular among female kids, volleyball can also provide opportunity for kids to compete in many international games when the kids grow older. Since the sport need simple skills to start learning, this definitely makes it one of the best sports for kids at the early age. This will enable kids further their skills to enable them to compete in very vigorous games when they grow older.

In conclusion, these most popular youth sports help you nurture their talents and skills at an early age.
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