How to Protect Your Hairs – For Girl Athletes

nysports_hairstyleAs a sports coach, I often heard girls are not willing to play sports because they think it might damage their hair. Girls are get more and more concerned about hair care and style as they grow older, leading to a fairly large drop in girls interested in sports. As a coach, this is not what I want to see.

So, I did some home work and found lots of information on hair care and hair styles. If you are interested in learning more about hair, I recommend this site. I also want to share what I learned on how to protect your hair that can benefit all the girls and eliminate any possible hair damage (if there is any), for participating in sports.I’ll be focusing on curly hair in this article.

Curly hair pattern is a common thing among us. In most cases, natural curly hair is unique, and thus requires a lot of care – to be tailored in a particular hair type. Having the best protective hairstyle for natural hair is beneficial to both your hair type and structure.

1. Condition

This method is mostly known to make someone’s hair stresses, silkier and softer. The co-wash is a popular trend in the natural hair community; it is where washing is done with a conditioner instead of utilizing shampoo.

This is done in order to prevent dryness mostly caused by some shampoos, which strip the hair oil during the cleaning process. The conditioner has proteins that help with restoration of moisture, nourish and make the hair shiny.

2. Use safe, hair products

It’s preferable to use the natural ingredients like coconut oil whenever you are treating your hair. These natural products are safer and beneficial to your hair, as opposed to chemical-laden products. For instance, alcohol present in the hair products can cause dryness.

3. Protecting styling

This is a styling where the hair is covered or shielded from the elements that usually destroy the hair. These protective hairstyles for natural hair include undoes, head wraps, weaves, braids and wigs. This is a natural way of protecting the hair from breakage; it promotes the hair growth and length retention over a long period.

4. Diet

Hair is composed of the protein keratin, so as a protective style. Aim in taking food that is rich in protein, water, fatty acids, in conjunction with adequate rest and exercise. This will to promote hair growth and strengthening. Consuming oil helps to keep the hair shiny.

5. Minimize exposure to Heat

High temperature can destroy the protective (cuticle) layer of the hair. It usually makes the hair loses moisture and makes the hair dry, frizzy and brittle. These high temperatures denature the proteins found in the cuticle layer of the hair and thus protein treatment should be done to restore, rebuild and strengthen the hair damaged by heat.

6. Trim regularly

Trimming should be done to remove the split ends and damaged hair. So that it can improve its appearance, create even, and uniform outlook. A good and well-trimmed hair looks healthier as the damaged hair has been removed.

7. Mind and body

Emotional state is very important in our body. Stress is one of the emotional states that affects our body and can even take a toll on the hair; it can make the hair thin, as well as making some hair to lose its strength, thus removed out. However, stress should always be controlled and as much as possible find out ways of eliminating it.

8. Moisturize

It is essential to moisture other kind of hair that are prone to breakage and dryness, this is as results of its incapability to move the natural oil down the shaft. Moisturizing hydrates the hair, infusing emollients essentials to make the hair softer, suppler and more manageable. The hair can be moisture by putting water or leave it in a conditioner.

Top 10 Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is fun. Awesome sunshine, warm weather, fireworks, picnics; not to mention time with family and friends and numerous sports as well. As a parent, summer offers you a great opportunity to vicariously relieve your childhood dreams. Maybe you are thinking of the best activities for your children this summer, these are always different types of games and your kids can have the best times of their life. Below are some of the best summer activities for children:

1. Basketball

There are so many games kids can play in the basketball court regardless of age. allow them learn different games such as 21 or game of 1 on 1, horse, all these are fun but the best of all is BUMP.

2. Soccer

Kids love soccer. Since soccer can be played just anywhere, it can be a great sport for your kids. It doesn’t matter how many they are in the field, your kids can try a score by simply hitting a garbage can.

3. Water fun games at home

Water fun can be great for kids. You can make a cheap kiddies’ pool, a plastic sheet or a slide and slide. You can also include a sprinkler and let your children through past it. You can even call their friends over and serve them with an easy treat like Popsicle. You can even decorate the driveways with wet hand and foot-prints, play with spray bottles or squirt guns. They can also have blow bubble, make pies, water balloon fights or even have fun playing in the rain. Allow them to wet you as well to make it more fun.

4. Nature hike

You and your kids can visit a walking park at a nearby square or find a real trail hike. Think of what kind of leaves that your kids can find. You can take an off-road a little bit and let them have bags where they can store their favorites. Want to impress your kids even more? Bring a survival knife and teach them some Bushcraft skills. You can find more information here.

5. Play-make believe

What you may not know is that kids are great magic makers. Who else do you know can make a life preserver from a sandwich bag? Let them try making magic and see why imaginations count.

6. Art games

You can take your children to a picturesque location with water colors and allow them paint what they can see. This way you will be improving their artistic and creative thinking in them.

7. Flag football

Football is a vital all American game but it is way more fun in the absence of all the tackling. One way to do away with the tackling is by tagging the ball carrier or you can simply make flags with socks or shredded cloth, and let your kids try to snag it from the ball carrier’s belt. Your kids will really enjoy this.

8. Skateboarding

Skating is one of the best summer activities loved by most kids. You can train them different styles of skating and make their summer the best one ever.

9. Biking Kids love bikes. Summer holiday without biking may not be complete for your kids. They can compete amongst themselves and see who the best is when it comes to biking.

10. Swimming

Due to the hot summer weather, a swim cannot be bad for a kid. You can take them to a beach or a swimming pool and let them stretch their muscles. Some kids may not swim even 5 meters away. But when they compete with other kids thy might improve their swimming skills and become professional swimmers in future.

As the saying goes, “idle minds are devils workshop”; hence, if you leave your children idle and allow them to spend summer holiday as they please, chaos are bound to arise. Therefore, keeping kids active is very important but you should also ensure that the activities they indulge in are not taxing or sounding like a chore or even a punishment. With the above ideas for summer activities for children, you and your kids can have the best experience ever.

Youth Basketball Drills You Can Practice Alone

basketballIt’s a perfectly known reality: in order for your players to be skilled around the court, they should practice. With practice comes an entire huge amount of youth basketball drills. While your group might think that drills are dull, they are completely and entirely vital. Provide this footfire drill an attempt throughout one of your earlier basketball practices – it’s a wonderful technique to sharpen your players’ stance and footwork capabilities.

Objective of the Footfire Footwork Drill

It is imperative that your group understood the significance of fundamental basketball strategies. Among the most basic and important elements to the game is stance. Having the capability to instantly return to the proper protective position throughout a play is essential. As soon as your players are comfortable sufficient snapping back to their position, they will be much better prepared to take on and respond rapidly to the opposing group.

How the youth basketball drill Functions

To begin, break your group up into couples. Among the pair will start out by providing the commands. When he or she provides the “Position” command, the various other player is to presume the protective stance: head straight over the waist, back straight, hands kept above the waist, arms near to the body, elbows bent, feet about shoulder-width apart, weight distributed equally around the balls of the feet, and knees a little flexed. When the player offers the “Go” command, their friend is to move their feet up and down as quickly as possible whilst maintaining the right offensive stance type. This continues for 10 seconds or till the “Stop” command is offered.

Do 3 repetitions of this drill during basketball practice. Each repeating ought to last for ten seconds with ten-second rest intervals.

Whenever you lead this kids’ basketball drill, tell your group to help keep the following in thoughts:.

* Always double-check to insure that you simply are in the correct offending stance.

* Move your feet as rapidly as you have the ability to.

* Your goal should be to have your feet attacked the ground forty to fifty times throughout every ten-second session.

Variations of this youth basketball drill.

If your players wish to try an advanced variation of this drill throughout basketball practice, tell them to attempt the following:.

* Instead of adhering to ten-second repeatings with ten-second rest periods, mix it up. Instruct the players that they’re permitted to shout out the “Stop” and “Go” commands twice throughout every repeating. This may not just help your players work on their offensive position, but it may likewise help them work on their response time so that they are constantly prepared for anything throughout a play.

Exercising will be the key. If you’re exercising basketball drills only, you may also work in your ball dealing with drills. These drills might be exercised alone and can assist you tremendously throughout a basketball game.

These are just a few of the many various youth basketball drills that you just can exercise alone or with other people. However, it is crucial that you just practice alone whenever you can because that enables you to not be worried a lot about having eyes on you while you exercise your approach. In the event you screw up, you’re the only 1 who knows it, and you could focus on attempting to understand the proper techniques.

This really is just among many basketball drills for youngsters focusing on the offending stance. Make certain to remind your kids that doing drills throughout practice will just make them more powerful and much better out on the court.

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How Parents Can Choose The Best Sports Program

youth sports programLearning and perfecting your skills in a sport is a tough process that can take very many years. A majority of the people who play sports professionally have been doing so since they were very young children. It is always wise as a parent that you help your children to choose the best sport for them- not choose for them. When you register your child for a sports program you will be helping him/her to not only to learn new skills but also develop a socially acceptable personality.

If you must choose, how will you do it?

Generally, the sport you introduce your children to when they are still young ends up becoming a passion that will last them a lifetime. But terms and conditions do apply. You will not choose just any sports program for your child and expect them to succeed. Here are tips you should consider:


How old is your child? The age determines what sports the child can play and which ones they cannot. While it may not be realistic to teach a four year old how to play baseball, soccer on the other hand might be really easy. Very young children have no time to keep complex rules in them and they are at stage of development that does not really allow them to play games in teams. At a young age, sports programs that focus on individual activities tend to be the best.


Enrolling for a sports program is as much a task for you as it is for the child. Who will be dropping the child and picking them up? Will you be able to attend their competitions to cheer? And also will the practice schedule collide with your child’s other activities such as school work and house chores?


Sports programs especially for small kids do not come cheap. However, it is possible to find places that do offer good and affordable programs.

Expertise of the trainers

Some trainers are meant for adults and not children. Training small children requires a lot of patience. Find out before enrolling if the trainers have the adequate training to handle your child suitably.

Always be democratic

Do not be one of those parents who force things upon their children. Sure the kid will learn how to play the sport and probably become an expert in it but you do not want a child who hates you. There are limits to how much you can push your child to train in a sport. If your child wants to quit encourage him/her to keep going but do not give ultimatums or worse yet punish them into continuing. Probably you chose a sport that does not match their personality, be democratic enough to ask your child what he wants to do. That is the most appropriate way of how to choose the best sports program for youth and very small kids as well. Teenagers have the capacity to decide on their own so choosing will not really be up to you- just help them decide if it is the right one or not.
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6 most popular youth sports and how they benefit your kids

Many parents often do not know the benefits of allowing kids to participate in sports. Allowing kids to play can help them develop skills of training, work ethic, and perseverance that is very important to their health. In addition, sports can help kids grow up responsible and social human beings. 

The following are common sports for youths and their benefits;

1. Baseball

The number of kids learning baseball at an early age has also risen to 3 times over the last 10 years. This has contributed to an increase in the number of future players since many parents are now encouraging their kids to join the sport that were previously termed as “a dangerous game”.

Remember that at young age, a kid can be able to learn the tricks that they should know about the game at the same time developing passion about the sport.

small__85151069052. Basketball

Many kids are now starting to learn basketball at an early age according to the ESPN. The latest statistics have shown that the population of kids playing for many school-sponsored teams has more than double in last five years since 2006. This has enabled the kids to nurture their talents at a younger by learning the basic skills at an early age without any pressure of competition.

3. Soccer

Soccer is among the fastest growing sports for kids in America. In addition, soccer is one of the sports that have the largest number of fans in the world when compared to other types of sports. The sport is also easy to learn and begin playing thus making it very exciting for the youngsters. Although soccer is simple at first, the strategy as well as advanced skills can take time to develop to make the game competitive when the kid grows older.

small__98218977934. Football

Many parents have also allowed their kids to join football academies that will teach the kids the basic principles when playing football. Football also allows for children of any size and shape (variation of the positions) when competing in any team atmosphere. Many parents often tend to be concerned on the sport due to the contact. Nevertheless, when taught properly, it can be among the safest sports for kids to play because of the helmets and padding.

5. Athletics

The sport gives the youths an opportunity to participate as individually or a team when running in the tracks. Field and track allows participation of the kids across a spectrum of an athletic capability. Kids have an opportunity to compete in several events from distance running to sprinting and jumping and to throwing. This will enable them develop skills for future athletics when they grow older.

6. Volleyball

Popular among female kids, volleyball can also provide opportunity for kids to compete in many international games when the kids grow older. Since the sport need simple skills to start learning, this definitely makes it one of the best sports for kids at the early age. This will enable kids further their skills to enable them to compete in very vigorous games when they grow older.

In conclusion, these most popular youth sports help you nurture their talents and skills at an early age.
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